How to choose a custom flexible conveyor?

How to choose the flexible conveyor model?

Flexible conveyors are exceptional for truck loading and unloading, retail stores, shipping areas, loading docks and plant floors.
The flexible roller conveyor have a bigger load capacity than the standard flexible skate wheel conveyor.
With the same length, width, height, the standard flexible skate wheel conveyor is more economical than gravity roller units, and makes the goods moves smoother.
Double roller type makes the goods moves smoother and more fluent than the single roller type.
Any items with an uneven or open bottom, or with a rim on the bottom should be transported on rollers.
Conveyed items can be wider than the conveyor. Extra wide items like plywood or sheet materials can be moved if carefully centered. Typically, 3 rollers or 3 skate wheel lines must be beneath the load at any particular time for easy rolling.