conveyor gravity roller These rollers are obtained from an excellent combinatio

  • conveyor gravity rollers Plastic end Stainless Steel rollers for conveyor

conveyor gravity rollers Plastic end Stainless Steel rollers for conveyor



1 Plastic multi-wedge belt wheel is installed at the end of the roller, so that the drive and transmission are separate in the area, conveying more stable, with the characteristics of high speed quiet. Precision ball bearing and plastic inside and outside of the design constitute the key bearing components, it is not only beautiful, the more important thing is to make the roller run more quietly.
2 The design of the plastic end cover of the roller end can prevent to a certain extent damage of dust and splashing to the
3 ISO9982, PJ type, groove spacing of 2.34mm, a total of 9 grooves. Suitable for high-speed transmission, according to the diameter and length of the roller, the speed will vary, up to 120m / min.
4 The weight of the cargo normally suitable for delivery does not exceed 150kg.
5 Suitable temperature: 23.00000℉~104.0000℉.

Why Choose Gravity Rollers?
These conveyor gravity rollers are obtained from an excellent combination of Polymers making them extremely light, smooth running, noiseless and consequently limiting gravity conveyors slopes even with light packages. The tube in grey color is obtained from special high impact and noise-absorbing PVC, extruded under strict tolerances. We can also foresee the version with zinc-plated tube or .stainless steel AISI 304 tube. The end caps, yellow color RAL 1023 or in the alternative color on request, are made by a housing in Polypropylene, by an inner race in POM (acetalyc resin), with AISI 420C stainless steel balls. This grants them high performances. Furthermore, the particular shape of the end-caps makes a centrifugal labyrinth sealing. The standard spring loaded shaft makes the installation easy; on request the shaft is supplied in stainless steel AISI 304. These rollers have their ideal application in light units handling in corrosive and wet environments, and in the packaging food processing, especially when they have AISI 304 stainless steel tube and shaft execution. Allowable temperatures range from –5°C to +50° C for the PVC tube and –5°C to +80° C for steel tube; applications in lower temperatures must be verified according to the different working conditions.

Material Steel, Galvanized
Pipe diameter and wall thicness ⊘50×1.5
Pipe diameter(D) ⊘50mm
Diameter of axle(d) ⊘12/15hex
E W+35
L W+36

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conveyor gravity roller
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